What Is Nationality ?

Nationality Is A Human Right That Flesh And Blood Have The Sovereign Power To Show Allegiance  And Protect The Security Of Their Well Being And Future Posterity.

Is The Witchetaw Nation Treaty Compliant With The United States ?



How Can I Become An National Of Witchetaw Nation ?

According To The Constitution Of The Witchetaw Nation  You Are To 

1: Submit The  Enrollment Application 

2: Activate Your Economic Status   Subscribe To Enrollment And Ministry Of Businesses To Develop Economic Security.

3: Submit To A Back Ground Check For Status Verification

4: Three Attestation 

5: Commit To Philanthropist Services In The Name Of Witchetaw Nation In The Law Community

6: Examination For Enrollment Committee Based On Field Of Interest

7: Information Of The State Of Your Sojourn  To Establish Within The Legislature The Society Within Witchetaw Jurisdiction Of Your State..


3. How Much It Cost To Apply For Nationality of The Witchetaw Nation ?

Activating Your Enrollment  Subscription Is 20.00  For Your Activation Of Your Enrollment Number.