Sp. Morocco 1912-1937


The Continental Republic Of Congress Under The Authority Of The Nations Was The First Assembly Establish In The 1400’s That The Pilgrim Society Develop Their Form Of Government In 1787 Called The Republic Of The Unitied States Of America .

The Language Was Different In reference To (Congress) And (Republic) The The Original Assembly Was Developed From Ethnic Groups Of (America’s) Based On Competentcy, Qualification, And Experience.

The Representatives Of The Congress Was Called The Natural Laws That Governed The Nations  And Was Received By The Pilgrim Society During The Course Of Exchange Of Foreign Policy With The Virginia Company regulated By The England And The Religious Institution.

Each Nation Have Developed Their Own Articles That Was Inclined To Meet The Needs Of The Nations And The Framework Was Established Different From Other Nations That Respect The Diversity Of Jurisdiction Of Other Nations On The Continent Of (America).

The Law To Govern All Nations Was The Scale of Law And Order Was The Reciprocity Of  All Nations.

The Records Of Variable Congress’s Of The Nations Is Determined By The Nations Of Humanity That Governed Themslelves Accordingly To The Pursuit Of Life Sovereignty And Hapiness.

The Nations Are Recorded In The Continental Congress SR 67-89 Of The Treaty That Congress Have With England And Amity With Various Companies i.e. The Virginia Company,The London Company,etc. That Establish The (Constitution) Convention Of 1787. In 1620.

The Trade And Commerce Was Exchanged With The Nations Of The World That Exchanged Commodity To Develop Each Other For The Lack Thereof Based On The Sovereign Power As To Diverse Jurisdiction.

It Is Informative That Their Was More Than One Congress In This Continent…


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