ABOUT THE WITCHETAW NATION


1. Is the Witchetaw Nation hold a seat in the international community that is open to other Nations and what is the International Record Number recorded at the USN ?

Yes,Our Record Number is W-328TW2198. The United Sovereign Nations,USN hereafter,(Trademark, Copyright, Servicemark, Patent”R” Recorded at the International Trademark, Copyright,Servicemark Record Archives ITCSRA)  hereafter ITCSRA;IBEC; USN; WP are organizations under Witchetaw Jurisdiction and Witchetaw Country that propose to other countries for multilateral, bilateral and  international agreements of aforesaid  organization and other organizations that are under Witchetaw jurisdiction of Witchetaw Country for international communication.

2. Is the USN the same as the United Nation UN and what is the difference?

(A) Why we establish our own IGO’s and NGO’s ?

Wati Keon: Greetings

We are Communicating To All Moors of The Great Whale  To Solidify and Work Collectively with your Diversity and be protected  within your Society. Our Nation have a Treaty with the United States and they acknowledge and recognize Treaty as the Supreme Law of the Land and as an obligated party of this Treaty it shall be honored.

What makes us different than any independent organization, Entity, corporation or incorporation The Absolute sovereignty of our affairs are proactive and The Treaty is in full force and effect. 

We have our own IGO’s and NGO’s that is being proposed to over 100 countries for ratification. 

The United Nation is a Organization that classify Indigenous People through the Council of Economic  as forum for discussion rather than resolving issues that effectively change in the status from a world perspective as The First Nation. And for any thing for indigenous people to have effect in the United Nation have to go through the chain of authentication which is The Security Council which is a Process that the First Nation  was excluded from the beginning.

So it is express to the Sovereign Body is the United Nation in the interest of the First Nation. 

We vision that the time is now for solidarity and any Moorish Band have our support Treaty Indians and all Nationality and ethnicity of Laoa.

The Second Part of your Question:

NO, Because the Indigenous people have foroums that is regulated under the Economic Social Council and for any result for improvement have to be decided by the Security Council another chain of authentication of approval. Currently the UN in its capacity are heads of state the Indigenous people are the product of those head of states on the Security Council (ie: Russia Europe, and the United States etc. ) 

We are the Original Sovereignty The First People have sovereign rights and exchanging goodwill with all Nations of  Laoa ( Planet Earth).  The Witchetaw Nation…..

3. How many Countries have this proposal of the USN been transmitted for signatory and ratification and why are the organizations under Witchetaw jurisdiction and Witchetaw Country ?

Thirteen and Continue in Nature. 

Alll IGO’s and NGO’s (Intergovernmental organizations, and Nongovernmental organizations) are bound to geographical location, continent, and state jurisdiction for protection and security of the fundamental duties in respect to each organization purposes.   

Witchetaw’s IGO’S and NGO’s organization bearing the name on Witchetaw Roster Record WRRis under Witchetaw jurisdiction except the signatory country of the propose international agreement ratify establish Witchetaw treaty shall be under the State jurisdiction of the signatory respect location etc. however Witchetaw Government is without jurisdiction of the individual that is a constituent of other sever governments  respectfully but have jurisdiction of the name of the organizations  and locations of organizations located in Witchetaw Country of Great Whale.. (ie: The United Nation organization is in New York of the United States of America therefore it is under the United States Jurisdiction.)

4. Do the Witchetaw have their own Currency Exchange to function as a Sovereign Government ?

Yes We have our own Currencies and through The Witchetaw International Bank of Exchange of Currency “WIBEC”  hereafter(Copyright, trademark, servicemark, Patent “R” for any currency of the world to exchange with for services and products of Witchetaw. We are currently establishing a WIBEC constituent for exchange of currency this includes for donations, tribute, etc. in each state after receiving receipts of that fact The Witchetaw currency are proofed for any counterfeits..

We informing everyone that exchanges with Witchetaw the security from counterfeits Those that are commissioned to issue out witchetaw currencies have proof of their commission and all currencies that are exchanged with immigrants and foreign nationals to Witchetaw Country  are to submit the coins and copy of the commission id of all  commissioners that are delegated by Witchetaw government to exchange currencies for further proof… that counterfeit is a crime in Witchetaw and to Contact the Witchetaw Police WP(Copyright,Trademark, ServiceMark, Patent,”R”) for further investigation. 

5. Is the donation consider foreign aid and gifts ?

Yes all foreign donations gifts are aids to our developing country The Witchetaw Nation.



What is the Witchetaw Nation?

The Witchetaw Nation: The Associate Bands and Assoc. Tribes Are The Indigenous People Of The Great Whale (North America). 

Where is Witchetaw Nation located ?

The Witchetaw Government is located 39″02’53N 95″34’45 W in Witchetaw Country of the Great Whale. The Measurement of Longitude and Lattitude is different to any foreign nation measurement system and point of location. Witchetaw have their own measurment point of location. 

What State is the Witchetaw Nation Located ?

The Witchetaw Nation geographical location is located according to the map of the the Witchetaw and located on the grid of the map and it will show you the settlement of our location.

Yes I have a question on the Treaty of Witchetaw, I see that their is a Witchetaw Treaty and a Wichita Treaty are they the same ?

The Treaty of Witchetaw of August 24, 1835 in Muscogee Nation  is our treaty with the United States that acknowledge us as a nation and country.  The treaty of Wichita of May 15th 1846 at Council Springs per Article 2 is under the protection of the United States. 

We are absolute sovereign independent  and the Wichita is part sovereign dependent on the US government.

The United States government are bound of the diction of the two and addresses it  in the Treaties as self evident that their is a seperation betwen the two Witchetaw and Wichita.

Is the Witchetaw Nation and their assoc.tribes and assoc. bands immuned from foreign Jurisdiction ?

It depends on the status of the Witchetaw National in pursuit of intendment of law. We have a treaty with the US and in full deliberation with other countries in mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. We are in communication with the US Government per treaty to express our notice of interest of Witchetaw, and the interest of justice of both parties pertaining to a Witchetaw National. 

11. What makes Witchetaw Nation different from any indian treaty or organization that are religious, sovereign, freedom, independent, immuned that are in pursuit of the same accord ?

The seperation or difference is the definition and strategy to establish the pursuit of the same accord. The Witchetaw Nation is in order in conducting law and express that without titles of emperor,empress,King, queen, monarchy or imperial, kingdoms that are foreign influences. the Witchetaw people are indigenous to this land what is called in Witchetaw the “great whale” grewa” in our indigenous language after the continent seperated,  before it was seperated it was called by the records of Witchetaw “Laoa” meaning the Land of All. 

12. Interesting, So Is the Witchetaw Nation working with the Indians and other indigenous people and Nationals with other countries ?


What is Witchetaw pursuit for humanity ?

To assist all that are in honor of their endeavor and to work on common grounds to fulfill all wishes.

Do the Assoc.tribes and Assoc.bands identify with the principles of Witchetaw ?

 Yes All Assoc. Bands and Assoc Tribes are bound severally to identify with the principles of Witchetaw, and to respect each others custumary laws and principles of the Articles of the Witchetaw Constitution and Treaties.

What is Witchetaw Language called ?



If I become a national of the Witchetaw what will be different than my present position ?

It depends on the citizenship, intendment of law, nationality, status and ethics with other inter national affairs and position within the frame of government of Witchetaw and other foreign government authorities the citizen’s pursue. 

The different is your status and the security of  your sovereign rights. We provide opportunities for career development and independent businesses to those members and nationals of Witchetaw  Nation that are economically challenged.

We live by: it is better to give than receive our work defines and measure our character and relation with humanity  and indigenous people worldwide.

The Treaty is the Supreme Law of the Land per US Constitution Article VI and The Witchetaw Treaty mutally agree to our society our settlement or elsewhere we are located in Grewa (North America) without any miscarriage of justice by all parties to the Treaty