How are the Moors an Associated Band of Witchetaw Nation ?

According to the Records of Witchetaw the Moors was negotiators with foreign governments in expressing Witchetaw interest we refer to the moors in our language “Mida’h” for Admirable.

6. Does the Associated Band of Moors of Witchetaw Nation have their own flag ?

Yes, The Moors of Witchetaw Nation have their own flag base on their jurisdiction . Currently the Band of Moors of the Witchetaw fly the Moorish flag that is recorded as one of the historical flags of Morocco.

Below is the flag the Witchetaw nation acknowledge and recognize as the flag for The Moorsbased on the Moors of Morocco.

7. Does the Associated Band of Moors have other flags they fly in the Witchetaw Nation ?

Yes The Moors have treaty flags that are flown during treaty signing by the Witchetaw Great Assembly and the flag that is recorded during the reign of Sultan Sidi Abdullah Ibn Muhammad in the Moroccan Peace and Friendship Treaty with the United States in 1786. This is the Treaty Flag Sidi Flown and signed during the Treaty with the United States .We acknowledge and recognize in the Witchetaw Nation.

8. Wow! I had no idea of that, So you are saying that the present flag that is flying in Morocco is the flag of Morocco ?

Yes the flag that is flying today in Morocco is a Moroccan flag, The Treaty of 1786 was referring to The Moors different to Moroccans of today because their was different dynasties and different tribes in the area called “Morocco” that the US government made treaties with. (Refer to the Audio CD Which Moor, Maur etc. are you? by the Witchetaw Nation Assoc. Band of Moors) For more information on this Subject..

Thank you..

9. Yes I have a question on the Treaty of Witchetaw, I see that their is a Witchetaw Treaty and a Wichita Treaty are they the same ?

The Treaty of Witchetaw of August 24, 1835 in Muscogee Nation is our treaty with the United States that acknowledge us as a nation and country. The treaty of Wichita of May 15th 1846 at Council Springs per Article 2 is under the protection of the United States.

We are absolute sovereign independent and the Wichita is part sovereign dependent on the US government.

The United States government are bound of the diction of the two and addresses it in writing in the Treaties as self evident that their is a seperation betwen the two Witchetaw and Wichita.

10. Is the Witchetaw Nation and their assoc.tribes and assoc. bands immuned from foreign Jurisdiction ?

It depends on the status of the Witchetaw National in pursuit of intendment of law. We have a treaty with the US and in full deliberation with other countries in mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. We are in communication with the US Government per treaty to express our notice of interest of Witchetaw, and the interest of justice of both parties pertaining to a Witchetaw National.

11. What makes Witchetaw Nation different from any indian treaty or organization that are religious, sovereign, freedom, independent, immuned that are in pursuit of the same accord ?

The seperation or difference is the definition and strategy to establish the pursuit of the same accord. The Witchetaw Nation is in order in conducting law and express that without titles of emperor,empress,King, queen, monarchy or imperial, kingdoms that are foreign influences. the Witchetaw people are indigenous to this land what is called in Witchetaw the “great whale” grewa” in our indigenous language after the continent seperated, before it was seperated it was called by the records of Witchetaw “Laoa” meaning the Land of All.

12. Interesting, So Is the Witchetaw Nation working with the Indians and other indigenous people and Nationals with other countries ?


13.What is Witchetaw pursuit for humanity ?

To assist all that are in honor of their endeavor and to work on common grounds to fulfill all wishes.

14. Do the Assoc.tribes and Assoc.bands identify with the principles of Witchetaw ?

Yes All Assoc. Bands and Assoc Tribes are bound severally to identify with the principles of Witchetaw, and to respect each others custumary laws and principles of the Articles of the Witchetaw Constitution and Treaties.

15. Is the Assoc. Band of Moors entitled to the laws of Witchetaw and how is the Moors of Witchetaw relative to the Morocco Treaty of 1786 ?

The Assoc. Bands of Moors are inherent to the Band Laws of Witchetaw Constitution and other laws that are not enumerated in the Articles of The Witchetaw Constitution.

The Moors of Witchetaw are relative to the Morocco Treaty of 1786 because of the interest of the protection of the imperial majesty of Morocco, The Witchetaw Moors nationality is Witchetawwhich relates to the Morocco Treaty that are not prizes of the dominion of the United States. SEE Article 6 of The Morocco Treaty of 1786.

The Witchetaw Moors ethnic flag below is their identity with Morocco

The Witchetaw have their own definition, language and comprehension of meanings of words that is different than any language spoken today.

However The Witchetaw moors that have multi citizenship with Morocco and US citizenship are bound to all laws they sojourn.

17. Are the Witchetaw Moors different than the moors of the Moorish Science Temple ?

The Witchetaw Moors have the right to choose their personal endeavors, However one of the records the Witchetaw Nation have in relation with the Moors in Morocco was Mustafa Zemmouri known as Esteban or Stephen Estevanico(Amazigh) from Azamor Morocco during the 15th Century who traveled within the settlement of Witchetaw called United States or North America and was repartriated within the Witchetaw Nation and was the “Middah of Midah” of the Band of Moors in Witchetaw 1500-1539. He exercised the relationship ceremony with Witchetaw and communicated to the Elders that after him their will be another to teach of the moors present in Grewa and that was Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Esteban said to the elders that the flags below was the ethnicity flag of Moors and without influence of foreign invasion was the Amazigh Flag we fly in Witchetaw Nation SEE

18. What is Witchetaw Language called ?


19. So the flags of the Witchetaw Moors and Amazigh tribe educating other moors about their records that should be known ?

Yes. It is communicated to all moors of this information because the flag we are showing is to show to all moors that it is more to know and The Indigenous people of Witchetaw have the records to inform others about their heritage and that the flag of the Moors shown hereinabove is the first to show moorish americans the flag of our ethnicity other than the flag of morocco moorish americans proudly uphold today.

We have our own flag and this is the first website that shows the Moorish flag of the moors of morocco in 1800’s and 1700’s and if anybody display this flag shows that, we are investigating and not researching.

20. So What predates the flag of the moors and any other flag of witchetaw ?

Indigenous people have tribes and families that marked their unique character as a society and this have been passed on to generations to generations and the Europeans call theirs the coats of arms , We call ours the Coafa and we as families and tribes had our seperate marks that seperate us from other tribes that know each tribes differences and character, others formed alliance and established a flag that both are mutual in interest. The Witchetaw Nation have Coafa’s of all the Tribes and Nation. The Associated Band of Moors ethnicity flag is recorded in the historical flag of Morocco that relates to the Amazigh people that the Moors are related to. We show our solidarity for indigenous people worldwide.

21. So If I call the Morocco Embassy or Consular office they will confirm this ?

The records of some dynasties in morocco was forbbidden and you can talk to the People of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and they will tell you alot of the knowledge of these ancient people are being discriminated and some of the records are being burned and destroyed to keep the evidence of the Amazigh and Moorish records being shown to the world it was done in Spain and elsewhere, The current Moroccan government today is ruled by a different dynasty than the rule of the mark of the Moors and Amazigh people currently today in Morocco the Amazigh are protesting the government of Morocco over language issues.

So The Moorish Americans have to investigate this information or the knowledge that was witheld from the moors in America born in America. We have Amazigh and the record keepers of the moors in the Witchetaw Nation that are living within the settlements of Witchetaw that is called North America or United States today. And they are from Morocco and giving direct experiences about Morocco history to those who are acquiring knowledge of the Moors and the Original Amazigh people called Morocco today.

The Associated band of Moors in the Witchetaw Nation are here to express to all moors that the investigation will serve you well.

The Test is to see are we ready for independence or are we subjects to others ?

Because it is self evidence that their is archaeoligists in Morocco today excavating the area to look for remains and other artifacts and organic artifacts to support theories and confirmations of the records as well as improvising to aggrandize one over the other So expect that in your confirmation So expect that in your inquiry of confirmation because the Consulars and ambassadors in DC and New york are interested in the current business affairs of Morocco. Note that.

It is noteworthy to investigate the source by going to Morocco yourself and meet with other archeologist with the same interest as yours for the facts and talk to the people their that lives in Morocco rather settling with an opinion.

Witchetaw are proactive we have delegates over in Morocco NOW! that are living with the people in Morocco that are diplomatically expressing the records on the Moors and Original Amazigh people living their and knowing for themselves rather point of views from others that have never left the US to Know about Moroccco to discuss about the Moors in America. And when you come back from Morocco you will see what Witchetaw Moors are informing all moors in america about and if that is your resolution we support your interest and we will be here for your testimony about the truth we have told you prior to your trip and this experience is what you had to find out that the Associated Band of Moors of Witchetaw are informing direct information to all moors in america it is proofed and substantial evidence of what is given (For more information about the Moors by the Associated Band of Moors of Witchetaw refer to the CD Which Moor, Maur are you ?)

22. The Treaty of Morocco of 1786 are the Moorish Americans entitle to the Treaty ?

It depends on the moorish american intendment of law and relation to Morocco, the Question is Do the Moorish Americans have a Moroccan passport are they registered at the Consular office in DC or New York ? to claim descent from your mother and father or ancestors from Morocco you have to demonstrate and prove your instruments from Morocco that you have relation to Morocco to be a Moroccan for the Treaty to apply to your circumstances. and that is under discretion between the US and Morocco Treaty of 1786. Either French or Arabic either language officially recognized in Morocco.

Fact: Morocco have not acceded to the Multilateral treaty of International Prisoner Transfer Program So that confirms that it will be reviewed by both countries for the treaty to apply to each individual. The next question is are you working within the government of morocco currently now ? The laws that are in force the effect of your cause will be to no avail you are considered to be subject of the government without immunity.

Fact: Their are Moroccans (Moors per Treaty ) in the Federal Bureau of Prison today in the United States Federal Prison And this also confirms that the Treaty is reviewed by discretion by both countries United States and Morocco.

23. Why are moorish americans thinking that the treaty of 1786 apply to them ?

Because of enthusiasm of limited capacity that moors are eager to inform the community about their heritage. Without investigation there is presumptions and assumptions and the validity of one conduct without investigation are commiting a crime of fraud.

24. Are the Moorish Americans commiting a fraud to the people who desire identity with the heritage of Moors in Morocco ?

The Moorish Americans are bound by the charter of their temple and the laws of the United States that the temple is incorporated under. Any Moors that operate differently will be under investigation. And for moors that are in the semantics with words such as corporated and incorporated you are still within the framework of report to the sovereign.

The monetary gain of a temple or individual or organization to receive the confidence of the people will be under investigation and the time is of the essence.

And it is the duty of The Witchetaw Moors to reveal the truth about the Moors in America because we value the moors time and moors earning of living because Moors in this country have to investigate the teachings, the agenda, and the end result of their cause. Moreover ignorance is in all areas of one growth however, One have to test the information one receive and if to no avail you can make an intelligent decision from that point forward. We encourage all moorish Americans to consider your future and control your destiny and walk the indigenous path and you have returned to your own, without foreign influences.

25. So are the Witchetaw Moors Assoc. Band subject to the Treaty of Morocco of 1786 ?

It depends on the citizenship, intendment of law, nationality, status and ethics with other inter national affairs and position within the frame of government of Witchetaw and other foreign government authorities the citizen’s pursue.

26. I am member of the Moorish science temple and I wanted to be a Witchetaw Moor under the Witchetaw Nation and if I become a member of the Witchetaw what will be different than my present position ?

The different is your status and the security of your sovereign power. We provide opportunities for career development and independent businesses to those members and nationals of Witchetaw Nation that are economically challenged.

We live by it is better to give than receive our work defines and measure our character and relation with non indigenous and indigenous people worldwide.

27. What is the Tribal Flag of the Amazigh of the Witchetaw Nation ?

The Indigenous people of Grewa known as the Amazigh have their indigenous flag that is recognize and acknowledge in Witchetaw Nation. To Show our relation with the indigenous people of Morocco We shall display the Flags of the Amazigh

The Amazigh Tribe of Witchetaw Nation flag is similar without the same colors..

Is their anything the Witchetaw Nation Know that other moors should know ?

Yes, It is time to show our heritage to the world again and it is time to show support for all Moors endeavor We have the Treaty and wherever a moor is in Grewa, Amexem, America, etc. It is time to work with one another..

What can Witchetaw Assoc. Band Moors share with other Moors in common ?

The flags hereinbelow shows what the Moors have in common and We as Witchetaw Moors fly these flags with other flags of Witchetaw Nation to show our heritage and pride as Moors.. The Flags are being revealed now because the time has come for change.

The Treaty is the Supreme Law of the Land per US Constitution Article VI and The Witchetaw Treaty mutally agree to our society our dominion or elsewhere we are located in Grewa (North America) without any miscarriage of justice by all parties to the Treaty and Thus said Treaty allows Moors associated band of Witchetaw Nation to secure their nationals and citizens that are Moorish Americans , and any organizations that have Moorish pride.

When all moors come under this treaty wherever you are in the continent of North America you will be secured and protected Because the Treaty speaks for itself and for moors that are without a treaty or bilateral agreement with the United States the protection and security of your members nationals, citizens etc. will be subjected to investigations, raids, surveillance, incarceration by the US Government. THIS IS A NOTICE TO ALL MOORS THAT are concern with their members, nationals citizens etc.

The Witchetaw Government The Sovereign Body are expressing to all moors to know the time we are in and know the patriot act , and the laws of the US Government and be concern about their members their children and love ones.




Flag w/ sq. ch.b.


19th c. Morocco flag


Moor flag  The Moor Flag According To Morocco Records