Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 14, No. 4
December, 1936

Speech of Governor Stokes. 

Brothers of the Comanche and Witchetaw Nations—We are glad you have met us here.

the President of the United States has nothing to ask of you, but to be at peace with the people of the United States and with the nations of Indians who have treaties of his people.—Brothers —The red chiefs who you see around you .

the President of the United States asks of you,that you should be at peace with all Nations, both white and red. 

The Treaty which will be offered to you for your consideration, you are to understand is to be permanent, and to last forever, and we desire that you will think well on this subject, so that all that is contained in the Treaty you may sign, may be well received by your nations, and that you will not agree to any thing which you will not cause your people to strictly comply with.


The Witchetaw  shared a Northern Caddoan based language suggesting a Caddoan heritage. (See the attachment on language) Physically the Witchetaw were darker and larger than most Indians. The Witchetaw were slightly darker in color than other native plains people (Wedel, 1988:11); the Witchetaw were distinguished by their tattoos, the scalp lock worn by the men. The women had “faces more in the manner of Moors” (Wedel 1988:11). Although warriors by tradition they tended to be friendly toward strangers and were noted for their hospitality


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